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12-Pack OOC Membrane Layers

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Pack of 12 middle layers only. To be placed in between the top and bottom OOC layers (product 00739)

The layer containing the cell culture membrane is placed in between two resealable glass slides to form two separate flow chambers. This allows the flow of two different fluids, either liquids or gases, on either side of the membrane. This dynamic microfluidic flow approach enables new and innovative ways to culture cells and tissues while offering precise and continuous control during the complete culturing process. The membrane layer forms together with a top and bottom layer (product 00739) an organ-on-a-chip resealable flow cell.

In this paper the 0.45µm membrane was used:
Navarro-Tableros, Victor, et al. "Islet-Like Structures Generated In Vitro from Adult Human Liver Stem Cells Revert Hyperglycemia in Diabetic SCID Mice." Stem Cell Reviews and Reports (2018): 1-19.

In this paper the 3µm membrane was used:
Li, Xiang, et al. "A glass-based, continuously zonated and vascularized human liver acinus microphysiological system (vLAMPS) designed for experimental modeling of diseases and ADME/TOX." Lab on a Chip 18.17 (2018): 2614-2631.

Product Codeooc_membrane
Product reference for order

Please use the following product references for an order:
- 0.45µm pore size:  00738
- 3µm pore size:       01206
- 8µm pore size:       01060

Number of chips per pack12 (middle layers only)
Layer Thickness Carrier0.4 mm
Material Carrier LayerBorosilicate glass
Membrane MaterialPET
Thickness Membrane0.45µm pore size: 12µm thickness; 3µm µm pore size: 9µm; 8µm µm pore size: 16µm
Membrane Surface~1 cm²
Membrane Pore Density0.45µm pore size: 2.00 E+6 (cm2); 3µm pore size: 8.00E+05; 8µm pore size: 6.00 E+4 (cm2)
Membrane AppearanceTransparent
Membrane Surface TreatmentCell culture treated

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