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6-Pack Resealable, Extended

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Contains a 6-pack of resealable flowcells

These resealable flowcells are ideal for experiments where access to the fluidic surfaces is necessary either before, after or before and after performing microfluidic experiments. Application examples are cell culturing, enzyme reaction studies, and sensor integration. We recommend to use the Fluidic Connect Pro Resealable chip holder (article no. 00746) together with the Teflon Connection Kit PRO.

This paper describes how the flowcells are made: Viefhues, Martina, et al. "Tailor-made resealable micro (bio) reactors providing easy integration of in situ sensors." Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 27.6 (2017): 065012.

This chip is used in this paper about biocatalytic reactions: Bolivar, Juan M., Donya Valikhani, and Bernd Nidetzky. "Demystifying the Flow: Biocatalytic Reaction Intensification in Microstructured Enzyme Reactors." Biotechnology journal (2018).

Product Code00740
Number of chips per pack6
Distance between channel and top surface1.1 mm
Distance between channel and bottom surface0.7 mm
Total chip thickness2.1 mm (under compression)
Chip size45 mm x 15 mm
Channel widthNo
Channel heightNo
Internal Volume80 µL
Number of Inlets1
Number of outlets1
Inlet/outlet hole sizes on top of the chip0.75 mm
Inlet/outlet holes size at channel1.70 mm
Optical propertiesUV-VIS transparent
Supplied in Fluidic slide?No
Material chipBorosilicate glass
Material black cartridge-

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There's no flow in my setup. How do I fix this?

Is your setup clogged with dirt or fully blocked?
Chips can get clogged, for example when they’ve been used before and have not been cleaned the right way. If your chip is clogged with dirt, check our document on the prevention of clogging and/or read the answer to question number one on this page (regarding the cleaning of chips). Clogged chips often do let some flow through the chip, which makes it easier to identify the issue as clogging. If there is no flow at all it’s more likely that the flow path is not connected correctly.

Pinpoint the issue
We recommend walking through the full track of the fluid flows: check if your syringe or pump is not blocked, if your tubing is actually hollow and if your filters let fluids pass through. Then check if your chip has inlet and outlet holes and if these are positioned so that the fluids can go through the chip. The easiest way to do this is to disassemble the setup and check if fluids come out of the pump, then connect the tubing and check if fluids can come through. Keep on adding parts and checking if the fluids go through. This way you can pinpoint the problem.

If the problem remains
If the problem cannot be solved after following the above-mentioned steps, then take some pictures or make a short movie of your setup and send this, together with the description or name of your chip, to Micronit. We will gladly assist you in identifying the issue.

How do I clean and sterilize my resealable flow cells?

We recommend the following bundle