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1 x Fluidic Connect Pro chip holder - topconnect - for organ-on-a-chip (OOC)   + €1,832.00
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1 x Organ-on-a-chip top and bottom layers   + €672.00
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This microfluidic setup is an easy way to start your OOC research. We already selected a set of components for a quick start.

This microfluidic setup contains a chip holder, chips, tubing and filters. The only thing left for you to do is select the chip(s) of your choice.

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pdf Compatibility with cell imaging systems pdf 153.1 KB Download
pdf Organ-on-a-chip manual Manual that helps to get started with OOC using the resealable platform. pdf 1.5 MB Download
pdf Organ-on-a-chip drawing pdf 118.4 KB Download
Customer Questions
Is it possible to monitor oxygen levels?
It is possible to couple Micronit OOC devices to commercial optical readers for dissolved gases in the culture medium. This option allows for applications such as the monitoring of oxygen in the culture chamber.
Is my OOC system compatible with my imaging systems?
Have a look at this document about imaging systems.
The membrane is moving and flow is switching between top and bottom flow path. What is happening?
Always check that there’s no blockage in one of the flow paths, this can be verified by checking the amount of collected liquid in a specific time frame and compare it with the expected amount for the flow rate used. If this isn't the case, droplet ...
How do I clean my resealable flow cell's / OOC top and bottom layers?
Cleaning Resealable flowcells are produced in cleanroom facilities and clean areas to prevent physical impurities. After use, cleaning might be required to remove organic residues. Please use distinguished cleaning processes for glass slides with and...
How do I sterilize my resealable flow cell's / OOC top and bottom layers?
Sterilization Resealable flowcells are not sterilized when delivered. Please use distinguished sterilization processes for glass slides with and without a gasket. Glass slides with gasket: Can be sterilized with ethanol. Dry heat of up to 140 °...
What is the oxygen permeability data for the elastomer used?
The oxygen permeability data from the exact material grade used is not available, however the  data  from a different grade of the same material family, can be found below. 
I have a Elveflow OB1 pressure based pump what connectors do I need?
Nuts and ferrules Elveflow uses 1/4-28 screw in connections on there reservoirs and sensors. To interface you will need Flangeless nuts 1/4-28 for 1/16" tubing, including compatible ferrules. Those nuts and ferrules are included in Elveflows "Kit Fittings...
I have a Fluigent pressure based pump, what connectors do I need?
Lineup We recommend the dafault Fluigent kits (FLOW EZ™ SUPPLY KIT, FLUIWELL KIT or P-CAP KIT)The P-cab or FLUIWELL KIT already contains 0.5m 1/16" OD FEP tubing with a ID of 500µm, when you use only limited pressures, you can try this tubing first...
Publication: Implementation of a dynamic intestinal gut-on-a-chip barrier model for transport studies of lipophilic dioxin congeners.
Publication: Microfluidic chip for culturing intestinal epithelial cell layers: Characterization and comparison of drug transport between dynamic and static models.
Publication: Transcriptome comparisons of in vitro intestinal epithelia grown under static and microfluidic gut-on-chip conditions with in vivo human epithelia.
Publication: Comparison of gene expression and biotransformation activity of HepaRG cells under static and dynamic culture conditions.
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