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1 x Fluidic Connect Pro chip holder - topconnect - for resealable flow cells   + €1,950.00
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1 x Fluidic Connect Pro ETFE connection kit   + €159.00
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This setup includes a set of components to create a resealable flow cell setup. Apart from the components in this bundle, you will need your required (bio)content, a pump to create flow and equipment for the observation of your experiment.

A product bundle to create a setup for an easy start with our resealable flow cell technology.

Resealable flow cells are an excellent choice when biological content needs to be added that can't be flushed inside. By use of a resealable flow cell it is easy to create a biological sensor. Just spot or dispence your biological content on the provided glass slide, place inside the special holder, add the top layer and close the hinge.

The chips consists of two layers, a top and bottom layer:

  • The bottom layer is a plain glass slide, with a thickness of 700µm.
  • The top layer is a 1100µm thick glass layer with an elastomer attached to it. The elastomer will define the flow path and will seal the top layer.

The optional syringe to pump connection kit is recommended in combination with syringe pumps, as it contains a connector that will connect between a Luer-Lock syringe and the tubing. 

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Customer Questions
How do I clean my resealable flow cell's / OOC top and bottom layers?
Cleaning Resealable flowcells are produced in cleanroom facilities and clean areas to prevent physical impurities. After use, cleaning might be required to remove organic residues. Please use distinguished cleaning processes for glass slides with and without a gasket. Glass slides with gasket: Can be cleaned with ethanol, isopropanol and acetone. The glass slides could be either immersed in the solvents or rinsed with them. Immersion might lead to diffusion of solvents into the gasket. Therefore, it is recommended to rinse the glass slide with the gasket thoroughly with water or buffer to remove residues. Only wipe with lint free tissue, otherwise the sealing might be affected negatively or completely lost. It is advised to not wipe the gasket as this might damage it and reduce its sealing abilities. Physical cleaning of the surface by either heat (with a maximum temperature of 140 °C) or oxygen plasma is possible. Cleaning with acids or bases has not been fully tested. Glass...
How do I sterilize my resealable flow cell's / OOC top and bottom layers?
Sterilization Resealable flowcells are not sterilized when delivered. Please use distinguished sterilization processes for glass slides with and without a gasket. Glass slides with gasket: Can be sterilized with ethanol. Dry heat of up to 140 °C can be applied. Can be autoclaved. Glass slides without gasket: Can be sterilized with ethanol. Can be autoclaved.
What is the oxygen permeability data for the elastomer used?
The oxygen permeability data from the exact material grade used is not available, however the  data  from a different grade of the same material family, can be found below. 
I have a Elveflow OB1 pressure based pump what connectors do I need?
Nuts and ferrules Elveflow uses 1/4-28 screw in connections on there reservoirs and sensors. To interface you will need Flangeless nuts 1/4-28 for 1/16" tubing, including compatible ferrules. Those nuts and ferrules are included in Elveflows "Kit Fittings Starter Pack Push-in".
This item wil look like this: In addition you will need our connection kit. Our Connection kit includes nuts or ferrules specificilly designed for our Fluidic Connect Pro, Fluidic Connect 4515 or side connect holders. Tubing included in "Kit Fittings Starter Pack Push-in" The 1/16"OD PTFE tubing included in the kit has a very large ID (1/32" ~0.79mm) and is from a relatively soft material, this is not so suitable for bot our Fluidic Connect Pro and Fluidic Connect 4515 holders as there's very limited wall thickness. We recommend alternative tubing, like ETFE with...
I have a Fluigent pressure based pump, what connectors do I need?
Lineup We recommend the dafault Fluigent kits (FLOW EZ™ SUPPLY KIT, FLUIWELL KIT or P-CAP KIT)
The P-cab or FLUIWELL KIT already contains 0.5m 1/16" OD FEP tubing with a ID of 500µm, when you use only limited pressures, you can try this tubing first and only order: For Fluidic Connect Pro our propriatary ferrules.  For Fluidic Connect 4515 our propriatary flatbottom nuts and ferrules.  For Sideconnect our propriatary ferrules.  For optimal performance we recommend our complete connection kit, the FEP tubing might...
What are the dimension of the available view window using the resealable / OOC chip holder?
The view window on the bottom of the resealable/OOC chip holder has the dimensions as found in the picture below:  
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