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Chip Holders

Micronit has several holders. Each holder is meant for a different set of chips and specifications. If you have already chosen a chip, only one, or a few holders will be compatible. For choosing the right holder, it is good to know what the difference is:

  • the ‘Fluidic Connect Pro’ holders are the easiest to use;
  • the ‘Sideconnect’ holders are the smallest and lightest holders and connect to the side of the chip;
  • the ‘Fluidic Connect 4515’ can handle the highest pressure and;

 All chipholders are compatible with standard laboratory equipment such as syringe pumps and upright and inverted microscopes. 

Do you want your own, custom made, chip and holder combination? Send us an email or chat to ask about the possibilities.

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  1. €1,360.00
    Easy interfacing of fluidic and electric connections to all microfluidic standard chips of 45 mm x 15 mm size.
  2. €1,085.00
    Fluidic Connect PRO Chipholder
  3. €1,360.00
    Fluidic Connect 4515 chipholder
  4. €1,745.00
    An easy interface of fluidic and electric connections to the resealable flow cells.
  5. €1,745.00
    An easy interface for your organ-on-a-chip devices.
  6. From: €510.00

    To: €2,927.00

    Besides ordering standard Micronit chips that fit into the sideconnect holder you can also order your own 15 mm x 15 mm chips. Simply fill in the miproto quote generator in the webstore for an immediate quotation. See https://store.micronit.com/miproto/

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Items 1 to 6 of 7 total

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  2. 2