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EIS Platform Sideconnect

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EIS platform

The EIS-chip is an inline monitoring system on a single microfluidic chip. The chip is designed for electrical characterization or counting of particles, concentrations, droplets or cells. As the fluid passes between the electrodes the impedance or conductivity can be measured.

The chip contains two electrodes out-of-plane.These specially designed electrodes (figure B) achieve a more uniform electric field when compared to electrodes on one side of the channel (figure A). This increased field uniformity on the EIS-chip enables better particle detection by data acquisition systems.

The Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy chip is compatible with an interfacing system based on the Sideconnect  platform.
The Sideconnect system features both fluidic and electrical interfacing to the chip.

In this paper Micronit's EIS chip has been used with a superior level of accuracy. The chips used here have the same functional area but a different footprint and holder: Caselli, Federica, et al. "A novel wiring scheme for standard chips enabling high-accuracy impedance cytometry." Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 256 (2018): 580-589.

Product CodeEIS_Platform_Sideconnect
Channel dimensions28µm x 30µm x 15mm

The platform contains fluidic and electric interfacing, cables, tubing and the chip itself. Micronit does not provide equipment for signal handling.  

  • The electrodes are in contact with the fluid
  • The chip contains two measurement locations. Each location has an electrode pair on the top and on the bottom of the chip. 

channel height

  • The electrodes are 20µm wide and the spacing between the two electrodes is also 20µm.

electrode width and spacing

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