Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) chip - uncoated - topconnect - random network

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Pack of 3 uncoated Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) chips with a random rock network structure.

The random network is created using scripting and contains a combination of the following structures:

Channel width [µm] Channel depth [µm] Number of items on chip
50 20 1429
70 20 1438
90 20 1412
110 20 1412
130 20 1531


Some additional geometrical explanation can be found in the figure below.

More Information
Unit of measurement3-Pack
Interface typeTopconnect
Chip materialBorosilicate glass
Number of inlets1
Number of outlets1
Supply format & dimensions


EOR network typeRandom network
CoatingNo coating (hydrophilic)
Icon Label Description Type Size Download
pdf EOR information Additional information on the Uniform, Random and Physical rock network structures. pdf 257.8 KB Download
Customer Questions
How do I clean my chips?

One simple but very effective way to clean a microchip is to flush an alkaline solution through the channels. A solution of 1 M sodium hydroxide in water works well, but a lower concentration might also be sufficient. If traces of the cleaning solution...

What pressure and temperature can the EOR chip hold?

The EOR chip itself are manufactured from glass an can easily withstand up to 300C. However they are supplied in a black fluidic cartridge. This cartridge can width stand up to 80C.

There’s no sealant used, two layers of glass are fusion bonded together.  

The chip can withstand easily up to 100 bar. However the external interfacing is more critical.  Our Fluidic Connect holder offers the largest pressure, up to 80 bars (maybe less at elevated temperatures). Please note that the Fluidic Connect holder is a bit more complex in use. You need a bit of feeling to apply not too much force, which might brake the chip, but sufficient to obtain sufficient sealing. It might be necessary to tighten a bit more when pressure and temperature are increased. Please remove the pressure before additional tightening.

I'm using the Fluidic Connect 4515 holder (part of high pressure bundle), what alignment and fluidic port should I use?

The fluidic ports are on positions 3,8
Alignment can be done on positions 2,7 (or 4,9).

Position numbering

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