I'm located in the People's Republic of China. Do you have a distributor here?
Yes, we have a (non-exclusive) distributor in the PRC. Contact details are: Micro-Nano Cube Technology (Beijing) Co., LtdChaoyang DistrictBeijing Jiuxianqiao Electronic City, R&D Center Block A2 West sevenBeijing Email: inquiry@microblox.cnPhone:  010-58237080  http://www.beijingec.com
I'm located in Japan. Do you have a distributor here?
Yes, we have a distributor in Japan. Contact details are: Kyodo International Inc.2-10-9, MiyazakiMiyamae-kuKawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken216-0033, Japan phone: +81-44-853-2611 (main office)fax: +81-44-854-1979 e-mail: info@kyodo-inc.com   https://www.kyodo-inc.co.jp/
Should I order directly or does Micronit work with distributors?
We have distributors in Japan and the People's Republic of China. We also have a distributor agreement with Darwin Microfluidics https://darwin-microfluidics.com/. Only in Japan it's necessary to order directly at the distrubutor (Kyodo). 
Alfa Chemistry (Microfluidics) is NOT a distributor of Micronit.
We are informed by a customer that product description and picture are copied by Alpha Chemistry (Microfluidics). This is done without any permission from Micronit.Micronit doesn't have any relationship with this company and the information on the website looks to be copied from multiple (microfluidics) companies. We strongly recommend for safety reasons not to place any orders at this company. We where not able to verify the incorporation status of this company using the provided information on their website.
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