Does Micronit offer product development services?

We sure do! Micronit has a large team of engineers and scientists ready to support customers with engineering and product development services. We have been a product developer and manufacturer for microfluidic devices for over twenty years and are ISO 9001 anf ISO 13485 certified. Learn more about our product development services here:

Does Micronit offer prototyping services?

We sure do! Micronit has over twenty years of prototyping and production experience. We strongly recommend to combine prototyping with a product development track to assure a design optmized for future manufacturing.

A price indication for prototyping can be obtained using our miproto wizard. We are looking forward to learn more about your prototyping needs!

Does Micronit produce in volume?

We offer our customers a full trajectory from idea to manufacturing. Among our customers are leading players in the Next Gen Sequencing field. So yes, we are used to volume producing. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

More details can be found here:

We are looking forward to learn more about your development and manufacturing needs!

Can this flow cell be customized?

Absolutely! Micronit is a key supplier for flow cells in the Next Generation Sequencing market and can manufacture flow cells competely according to your specific requirements. 

What can be customized?

  • The channel shape.
  • The channel height and width.
    For wet etching its important to consider that channel height and minimal channel width are related.
    {minimal channel width} = 2 * {etch depth} + {initial mask opening, typcial 5-10µm} 
    Larger aspect ratios (relation between channel depth and width) are possible using dry etching. For this, a glass/silicon combination is most common.
  • Choice of material. For instance, fused silica is a good option when UV light is used. Schott D263 bio can be a good alternative for some specific fluorescent labels. 
  • Surface flatness. We can provide ultra flat surfaces.

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