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Droplet Generators

Microfluidic droplet generators are excellent tools for generating highly reproducible micro sized droplets. This way droplets are generated with much higher precision and repeatability compared to conventional methods.

We currently offer two types of droplet generators: Focussed Flow Droplet Generators and T-shaped Droplet Generators. All droplet generators are available made from untreated glass that is optimal for oil-in-water droplets, and with a hydrophobic coating, perfect for water-in-oil droplets. The droplet generators are all available for use with our most robust holder which connects from the top of the chip. Some droplet generators are available with inlets and outlets at the side of the chip, making the setup smaller and keeping your fluids in plane.

Are you looking for some inspiration? We have the following resources available:

 Video Microfluidic droplet setup: explained!

Selection Advice

 Selection advice for the right droplet poduct

Product Bundles

 Product bundles that includes interfacing and/or pumps

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