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3-Pack parallel droplet,8 nozzles, 75µm

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Microfluidic droplet generators are excellent tools for generating highly reproducible microsized droplets with much higher precision and repeatability compared to conventional methods.


3-Pack parallel droplet generators with 8 nozzles

Looking for a way to scale up your experiment? Then replace your single droplet generator with this parallel droplet generator and increase your production rate eight times!

This pack contains 3 parallel droplet generators with nozzles etched on both sides. The chips are similar in functionality to the “3-Pack Focused flow droplet generators (nozzle size 75 µm)”, but have eight nozzles.

It could be preferential to first build your setup with a single nozzle droplet generator before using the parallel droplet generator with eight nozzles. For example, if your supply of sample material is limited or expensive (eight nozzles use eight times as much sample material) or if you are trying to build understanding of how the droplet size responds to changing parameters (one nozzle is easier to understand than eight nozzles that influence each other).

Product CodeP8_DROP_75
Product reference for order

Please use the following product references for an order:
- Uncoated (hydrophilic) chips: 00923
- Coated (hydrophobic) chips: 02067

Number of chips per pack3
Distance between channel and top surface338 µm
Distance between channel and bottom surface1438 µm
Total chip thickness1900 µm
Chip size45 mm x 15 mm
Channel widthVaries
Channel heightVaries
Number of Inlets2
Number of outlets1
Inlet/outlet hole sizes on top of the chip1.10 mm
Optical propertiesOptical clear view from all sides
CoatingDepend on selection
Supplied in Fluidic slide?Yes
Material chipBorosilicate glass
Material black cartridgePolypropylene

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