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Topconnect Droplets Platform incl. pumps

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A complete modular platform including pumps, to providing a quick start with droplet generation. This platform is for Topconnect chips.

Price available on request
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Price as configured: €8,472.00

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This platform is an easy way to start your research. We already assembled all the right components you need for generating microfluidic droplets, including the user-friendly Fluigent Flow EZ flow system. Flow EZ is a pressure based flow control system (pump system), which assures pulse-free flow and ultra fast response time. The system can be used stand-alone where settings can be controlled using a dial and display on the pump itself. The other option is to use the system in combination with a PC, using the optional LINK module. The only thing left for you to do.. is choose the chip (with or without coating) you want use! You can easily do this by checking the boxes below.

Product CodeDroplet_fg_tc

This platform includes:

  • Fluidic Connect Pro Chipholder, for fluidic interfacing with the microfluidic chip
  • Topconnect Droplet Chips
  • Flow EZ pressure pump for the contentious liquid phase 
  • Flow EZ pressure pump for the dispersed liquid phase
  • Flow sensors
  • Reservoirs (P-Cap)
  • Rack for the P-Cap reservoirs
  • Power supply for Flow EZ and Inlet tubing (OD 6mm)
  • Fluidic Connect Pro Droplet Platform Connection kit
  • Optional: Filter set to limit particle buildup in the nozzles.

Its recomnended for interfacing with a PC to include the LINK module in the selection. 

The FlowEz requires a compressed air supply with a minium pressure of 2.1 bars.
A pressure regulator shopld be placed between the pressure supply and flow unit, this regulator is not included in the platform.


The interfacing solution included in the platform is our Fluidic Connect Pro Holder, which can be used for our top connect chips.

Droplet Generator Chip(s):

See https://store.micronit.com/microfluidic-chips/droplet-generators for details per chip.


Flow EZ™

  • Modular and plug-and-play extendable Design 
  • Use with or without PC
  • Dial in the pressure thanks to rotary knob
  • Unmatched response and settling times
  • High resolution pressue sensor: 0.03% full scale
  • Up to 12 modules in a row
  • Including 4 mm gas outlet tubing
  • Flow Rate Sensing:

    Flow unit, individual flow sensor for small flow rates.

    Flow-rate platform

    Flow-rate specification table
    (Click to enlarge)


    P-CAP 15mL 

    • Falcon 15mL tubing 
    • Working pressure up to 7bar 
    • 1/16 ‘’ and 1 /32’’ OD capillaries 
    • Pressure inlet connector : 4mm OD

    P-CAP 50mL

    • Falcon 50mL tubing 
    • Working pressure up to 4bar 
    • 1/16 ‘’ and 1 /32’’ OD capillaries 3 fluidic outlets 
    • Pressure inlet connector : 4mm OD


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    I only see streaks of fluids but no droplets, how do I get the droplets?

    Decrease your flowrate. Check our flowrate instructions for a more acurate explanation.