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Microfluidic Starter Kit (incl. Syringe Pumps)

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Complete microfluidic setup for your start in microfluidics or your product development.

Microfluidic Starter Kit   +€4,127.00

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If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to start your research or you want to do your first steps in microfluidics or need a initial setup for the first steps in your microfluidic product development. Micronit's Microfluidic Starter Kit is your solution.

The Microlfuidic Starter Kit includes:

  • Microfluidic Chips
  • Fluidic Connect PRO
  • Syringe Pumps
  • Accessories

Microfluidic Chips

Make your own selection of microfluidics chips. You can choose up to 3 packs from our standard fluidic chips 

Fluidic Connect PRO

Innovative chipholder for connecting pump, chips and everything you need as easy as childs play

Syringe Pumps

Easy-to-use infusion pump with a broad range of flow rates for your microfluidic applications


Everything you need for starting and running your own microfluidic system


1 Fluidic Connect PRO Chipholder
2 Syringe Pump, type NE-300

• 2 x Syringe 1ml
• 3 x Syringe 10ml
• 1 x Reservoir 250ml
• 2 x 1/16” ETFE tube (ID 0.25mm)
• 5 x Micronit Ferrule (FFKM)
• 6 x Syringe Luer connector (10-32 threaded)
• 5 x Flared nut with ferrule (10-32 threaded)
• 10 x plugs, 5x white, 5x red (10-32 threaded)
• 1 x Tube cutter • 1x Tip driver no. 0x35
• 2x Spacer (0,5mm)
• 2 x Micro-microscope
• 1 x Micronit USB stick (info and manuals)

Optional (when selected): set of filters

Dimensions128 mm x 85,4 mm x 20 mm
Sealing mechanismLoad ‘n Seal
Maximum operation temperature80°C
Max. operating pressure10 bar
Sealing materialPerlast (FFKM)
Number of chips per pack2 or 3 (depends on the types chosen)
Chip size45 mm x 15 mm
Supplied in Fluidic slide?Yes
Material chipBorosilicate, COC or PC (depends on the types of chips chosen)
Material black cartridgePolypropylene
Dimensions22,86 cm x 14,605 cm x 11,43 cm (LxWxH)
Weight1,63 kg per pump
Maximum operating speed3.7742 cm/min
Minimum operating speed0.004205 cm/hr
Maximum pumping rate1257 ml/hr with a B-D 60 cc syringe
Minimum pumping rate0.73 µl/hr with a B-D 1 cc syringe
Maximum force15,876 kg. (35 lbs.) at minimum speed, 8,165 kg. (18 lbs.) at maximum speed
Syringe sizesup to 140 cc
Syringe inside diameter range0.100 to 50.00 mm

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Does the pump allow withdraw of the syring?

The pump included in the starter kit is a basic pump and does not withdraw, no volume target are possible, there's no interface with a computer or programmability.