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Microfluidic Platforms

A Microfluidic Platform is a complete bundle of products, assembled specially for you. Our valued customer. Because we offer such a wide range of microfluidic chips, in combination with different chipholders, connection kits and accessoiries. We can understand that it can be a bit confusing, finding the right products to go with the correct microfluidic chip. That is why we already did all the work for you. The only thing left for you to do.. is choose which microfluidic chip you want to use! 

For example:
If you are interested in a droplet generator. You simply click on the Droplets Platform and choose which droplet generator you desire. We already assembled the compatible chipholder, connection kit and accessory for you to choose from. 

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    This platform is an easy way to start your research. 
    We already assembled all the right components you need for generating microfluidic droplets. 

    The only thing left for you to do.. is choose the chip
    (with or without coating) you want use! 
    You can easily do this by checking the boxes below.

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    Besides ordering standard Micronit chips that fit into the sideconnect holder you can also order your own 15 mm x 15 mm chips. Simply fill in the miproto quote generator in the webstore for an immediate quotation. See https://store.micronit.com/miproto/

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