Microfluidic starter kit - the complete answer for your own microfluidics project

Whether you are conducting research that needs microfluidic experiments or working on a product development involving microfluidics: our Microfluidic starter kit contains everything you need to get started right away!

The starter kit comes in three varieties:

  • Mixer and Reactor kit, which includes micromixer and microreactor chips, to perform on-chip chemical reactions.
  • Observation kit, with flow cells (for example for cell counting and analysis) or cross channel chips that contain two crossing microfluidic channels.
  • EOR kit, containing our dedicated chips for Enhanced oil recovery (EOR).


These complete kits ensure an easy start for your research. Because we offer a choice in chips to go with these kits, you can assemble a package that is fully dedicated to your needs. Of course, the bundles we offer solely contain products that are mutually compatible, so you can start your experiments without any trouble!

What do I get?

In order to maximize the flexibility of these setups, the microfluidic starter kits contain a number of fixed basic elements and leave room to choose a selection of microfluidic chips that best serve your needs.

The fixed parts of all three kits are:

  • Fluidic Connect Pro chip holder (1x)
  • Syringe pumps, infusion only (NE-300) (2x)
  • Syringe to tube connection kit
  • Accessories
  • First pack of chips

Fluidic Connect Pro chip holder

This iconic Micronit chip holder is an easy tool to insert your chips and connect them with pumps and other items to complete your setup.

Syringe Pumps

You will receive two easy-to-use InfusionOne syringe pumps that each hold one syringe up to 60ml. These pumps offer a wide variety of precisely reproducible flow rates.

Syringe to tube connection kit

With these items you can make the connection between the Luer-Lock syringe and the tubing.


  • Adapter
  • 2x Syringe 1ml
  • 3x Syringe 10ml
  • 1x Reservoir 250ml
  • 1/16” ETFE tube (ID 0.25mm) 15m
  • 1x Tube cutter
  • 5x Ferrules 1/16” for Fluidic Connect Pro chip holder
  • 2x Micro-microscope
  • USB stick, containing manuals

First pack of chips

You will receive a first selection of chips that go along with the kit of your choice (Mixer & Reactor, Observation or EOR). Next to this first pack, we offer a variety of additional microfluidic chips, all matching the selected kit.

Do I need anything else?

No. With any of these kits, you can get to work right away! Perhaps an (inverted) microscope or high-resolution USB microscope might be useful. These are available in most labs and for that reason not included.

What’s the advantage of working with Micronit products?

If you are in the process of developing a new device, it is certainly useful to take a look at our From Idea to Product-pages. Whether you need a first prototype or are looking for a full-service product development partner, Micronit’s experts can guide you through these processes. It is clearly an advantage if you have already worked with Micronit products, because the properties of the items you experimented with are exactly known to us. Think of relevant matters such as materials, coatings, dimensions etc. When discussing requirements for your new product, we already communicate in the same language, so to speak.

Start now!

To go short: it doesn’t get any easier. The Microfluidic starter kits contain everything you need. They are complete, easy to use, available in several varieties and adaptable to your needs. Enjoy experimenting!

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