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Pack of 3 microreactor chips.

Mixing and heating fluids in a microreactor gives a very high degree of control on the chemical reaction.

The following product options are available:


Internal volume

Channel width

Channel height

Inlet channel length

Main channel length

Manufacturing technique

Thin bottom


FC_R50.332.3_PACK 0.3 50 20 7 328 Etching Yes  
03040 1.86 140 45 7 343 Etching Yes  
03033 15.2 250 140 7 494 Etching No  
00757 18.7 300 150 7 500 Powder blasting No Limited supply, in phase out.

Note that chips manufactured using powderblasting have a high channel roughness on the sides and bottom. The top face offers the best optical properties, this is the side with the inlet holes.

More Information
Unit of measurement3-Pack
Interface typeTopconnect
Chip materialBorosilicate glass
Number of inlets2
Number of outlets1
Icon Label Description Type Size Download
PDF 00756 - R300.250.2 - Microraector 9.5µm - Drawing PDF 259 KB Download
PDF 00757 - R300.500.2 - Microreactor 18.7µm - Drawing PDF 312.8 KB Download
pdf FC_R50.332.3_PACK - R50.332.3 - Thin bottom Microreactor 0.3µl - Drawing pdf 79.1 KB Download
pdf Drawing 03040 Serpentine 45x140µm, 350mm, TB pdf 94.2 KB Download
pdf Drawing 03033 Serpentine 140x250µm, 500mm pdf 94.2 KB Download
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