Serpentine channel / Microreactor, 20x50µm, 342mm length

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Flow cell with a serpentine channel with a length of 342mm. Channel width: 50µm, channel height: 20µm.
The chip has a 145µm thick bottom and is manufactured from D263 glass.

Application possibilities
This product is designed for observation purposes and offers sublime optical performance in combination with microscopy. This allows high resolution imaging.

Unique selling points

  • For cell up to 10µm in diameter.
  • 342mm of observation length, 26 meanders of 12mm
  • Thin bottom, 145µm channel bottom thickness (#1 coverslip)
  • Low autofluorescence.
  • Manufactured from high-end glass, channels are extremely smooth and fully transparent.

Key features of the product are: 

SKU Number of inlets Number of outlets Channel width Flat channel area width Channel height Glass height on top of channel Glass height below channel Chip height
FC_R50.332.3_PACK 2 1 50µm 10µm 20µm 1100µm  145µm 1245µm

This product is compatible with our Fluidic Connect Pro holder for chips supplied in a cartridge.
Because of the limited chip thickness it’s necessary to use the metal strips included with the holder, see here for more information.

More Information
Unit of measurementpack of 3
Interface typeTopconnect
Chip materialBorosilicate glass
Chip thickness1245µm
Number of inlets2
Number of outlets1
Channel width50µm
Internal volumeInternal volume 0.3µl
Bottom thickness145µm bottom layer
max. cell height for optimal observation10µm
CoatingNo coating (hydrophilic)
Icon Label Description Type Size Download
pdf Drawing R50.332.3 Serpentine 20x50µm, 342mm pdf 79.1 KB Download
Customer Questions
When should I use the metal strips (spacers) as provided with the Fluidic Connect Pro holder?
When should I use the spacers? The metal strips are used for thin bottom chips and are also part of the holder for resealable flow cell's.
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