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At Micronit, we love product development and manufacturing. Both of these take some time and effort. Some people already know what design they want and they prefer to spend less time on discussing the design but just want something produced. Are you one of these people?

On this page you can find a quote generator for manufacturing runs. Just tell us a bit about your design by filling in the questions below. These answers tell us which materials and processes we will use, that is all we need to know to give you a quote. Do make sure you read all the extra information to find out if your request is in the range of possibilities.

This page does not give the full range of options that Micronit can offer. If your design does not fit this list, contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Are you simply looking for one of our webstore products with only minor changes like an extra inlet channel or slightly less deep channels? Send an email to miproto@micronit.com or fill in the contact form. We would gladly discuss your ideas and assist you in creating your design.

1. Material & Type
2. Chip Dimensions
3. Layers & Features
4. Number Of Chips & Pricing
5. Chip Overview

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