Prototyping is a crucial step in a smart product development process. Testing the technical feasibility and functionality of a product eliminates risks and ensures that the next phase of product development can be entered with confidence.

Prototyping as part of a product development process or as stand-alone

For customers starting a product development process with Micronit, prototyping is part of our project approach. But our prototyping service is also available for stand-alone assignments. Are you working on a new product in glass, silicon or hybrid and have you reached the point of having a prototype designed? Read more.

Whether you need a prototype for a microfluidics consumable or for a MEMS product, we have all our regular capabilities ready to manufacture your prototype.

Prototyping in glass

Our production facility offers:

Prototyping in silicon

Make use of our MEMS foundry services, including:

Prototyping in a combination of Silicon and Glass

A combination of a structured silicon layer combines the best of two worlds. Hight aspect ratios are  possible  (high etch depth, small feature size)  and the glass layer allows optical transperency on one side. 

Prototyping in polymer

In principle, we can only produce polymer prototypes as part of a full product development process. Then you can make use of our polymer processing techniques such as hot embossing, milling, 3d printing, coating, and bonding.

Prototype examples:

  •  Optical flow cells
  •  Cell sorting chips
  •  Optical lenses
  •  Micronozzle chips
  •  Microneedle chips
  •  Dispensers/ microdosing
  •  Microfluidics for quantum technologies

How we work

Of course we want to know a thing or two about your product. In addition to the technical specifications (channel shape, geometry, size/depth of the structures), we are curious about what your product should be able to do and how it will be applied. Prototyping is a very important step in the realization of your product. A well-thought-out prototyping approach prevents disappointments and delays in the future!

Would you like to get some more insight into the steps that are taken in a typical prototyping process at Micronit? See this prototyping document.


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