Droplet generation setup - topconnect (no pumps included)

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This setup contains a chip holder, a connection kit, a selection of chips and other tools for a quick start.

1 x Fluidic Connect Pro chip holder - topconnect - for chips in a cartridge   + €1,428.00
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This setup does not include pumps. For droplet generation, we recommend pressure based pumps to ensure an optimal experience. Pressure based pumps use stabilized pressure to push liquid out of a reservoir. Syringe pumps can generate a step wise movement in pressure release. This can result in pulsations, that cause instability in droplet generation. There are some high-end syringe pumps on the market that might overcome this issue, but we have limited experience with such pumps. For use in combination with high-end syringe pumps our Syringe to tube connection kit might be a useful addition. 

Droplet generation chips are available in the following types:

  • Focused Flow 
  • T-shaped
  • Parallel


Focused flow droplet generators are available in the following configurations:

SKU Nozzle size Coating Use for Recommended droplet size
(reference liquids)
00935 10µm Non - Hydrophilic Oil-in-water droplets 9µm< droplets <20µm
01341 Hydrophobic Water-in-oil droplets
02137 (Beta product) 20µm Non - Hydrophilic Oil-in-water droplets 15µm< droplets <30µm 
  Hydrophobic Water-in-oil droplets
00877 50µm Non - Hydrophilic Oil-in-water droplets 40µm< droplets <90µm
01366 Hydrophobic Water-in-oil droplets
00580 75µm Non - Hydrophilic Oil-in-water droplets 65µm< droplets <140µm 
00970 Hydrophobic Water-in-oil droplets

T-shaped droplet generators are available in the following configurations:

SKU Coating Use for Channel width Channel height
FC_TSDG.2_PACK Non - Hydrophilic Oil-in-water droplets 100µm 20µm
FC_TSDG.C.2_PACK Hydrophobic Water-in-oil droplets 100µm 20µm

Parallel droplet generators combine multiple focused flow droplet generators in parallel on a single chip with a shared inlet and outlet for increased production rates. They are available in the following configurations:

SKU Nozzle size Number of junctions Coating Use for Recommended droplet size
(reference liquids)
00923 75µm 8 lanes Non - Hydrophilic Oil-in-water droplets 65µm<droplets <140µm
02067 Hydrophobic Water-in-oil droplets



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pdf Using the right surfactants pdf 37.1 KB Download
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