About Micronit

‘We put all our energy and passion into developing amazing life-changing products.’

Innovative products can make the world a better place. At Micronit, we specialise in micro- and nanotechnologies. We produce lab-on-a-chip products for our customers, who mostly find themselves in the research field or in the medical industry. Our chips are used worldwide for DNA analysis and medical testing. But we also have a production line for components used in aerospace. Our core business is to add value to a chip. We grow along with the market that demands ever more complex products.

New building

We are getting ready for a move! We are excited to see the drawings of a wonderful new building, which will be situated on a site near the Enschede Kennispark Station. It will house offices, labs and a cleanroom. Moreover, this building will offer the extra space that is needed considering the expected growth of our company in the coming years.


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