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With 20+ years of experience in the broader microfluidics field, Micronit is a steady development partner. And our experience is available to you!

We offer our customers a full design-to-manufacturing service. Delivering high-end innovative products is our core business. Our ambitions are primarily in the field of life sciences and health applications and our facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

We team up with our clients in an 'idea-to-manufacturing' process. We not only design ground-breaking chip layouts, but also keep a sharp eye on the manufacturability of the product. Making the right design choices from the very beginning, prevents delays in later stages of the process.

Interested in a partnership in the development of your product? Go to Product Development.

If you already have a clear view on the product you need, you can fill in the Product Request Form below. Please give us a comprehensive view on the type of use and layout of the product, preferably with your initial drawings.

We'll get back to you asap to further discuss your request!

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Customer Questions
How do I clean my chips?
One simple but very effective way to clean a microchip is to flush an alkaline solution through the channels. A solution of 1 M sodium hydroxide in water works well, but a lower concentration might also be sufficient. If traces of the cleaning solution...
I need a pumping system for my setup. Which one do you recommend?
We recommend using a high precision pumping system. Regular syringe pumps often don't work very well for droplet generators. There are several high precision pumping systems on the market that work with different pumping principles. To name one, we'...
Which flowrates should I use?
This depends on many things. For example on the type of fluid that you are using. Check our ...
Which surfactants should I use?
Use our surfactant guide for advice on surfactants.
Should I use coated or uncoated droplet generators?
Have a look at our article about surface wetting properties.
Is it possible to monitor oxygen levels?
It is possible to couple Micronit OOC devices to commercial optical readers for dissolved gases in the culture medium. This option allows for applications such as the monitoring of oxygen in the culture chamber.
Is my OOC system compatible with my imaging systems?
Have a look at this document about imaging systems.
The membrane is moving and flow is switching between top and bottom flow path. What is happening?
Always check that there’s no blockage in one of the flow paths, this can be verified by checking the amount of collected liquid in a specific time frame and compare it with the expected amount for the flow rate used. If this isn't the case, droplet ...
Can this flow cell be customized?
Absolutely! Micronit is a key supplier for flow cells in the Next Generation Sequencing market and can manufacture flow cells competely according to your specific requirements.  What can be customized? The channel shape. The channel height ...
How do I clean my resealable flow cell's / OOC top and bottom layers?
Cleaning Resealable flowcells are produced in cleanroom facilities and clean areas to prevent physical impurities. After use, cleaning might be required to remove organic residues. Please use distinguished cleaning processes for glass slides with and...
How do I sterilize my resealable flow cell's / OOC top and bottom layers?
Sterilization Resealable flowcells are not sterilized when delivered. Please use distinguished sterilization processes for glass slides with and without a gasket. Glass slides with gasket: Can be sterilized with ethanol. Dry heat of up to 140 °...
Which pressure and temperature can the EOR chip hold?
The EOR chip itself is manufactured from glass an can easily withstand up to 300⁰C. The chips are supplied in a black fluidic cartridge however. This cartridge can widthstand up to 80⁰C. No sealant is used, the two layers of glass are fusion bonded ...
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