Folding flow micromixer

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Pack of 2 micromixer chips.

There are various ways to mix fluids in microfluidics. A well-known and reliable way is the use of micromixers. Using micromixers with so-called folding flow techniques offers a lot of advantages over traditional mixing techniques. These micromixers contain a chain of elements, in each of which the flow is folded upon itself. This decreases the length scale for mixing and thus reduces the mixing time. Other advantages of micromixers are low quantities of fluids that are necessary and the stable environmental conditions this technique offers.

Folding flow micromixers are less sentitive to clogging compared to split an recombine mixers. We offer two types of folding flow micromixers: the Teardrop and the Swirl micromixer.

Mixer type Reynolds numbers Inlet length
Mixing area length
Outlet length
Swirl Re>50 17 40 13
Teardrop Re<100 17 10 15


More Information
Unit of measurement2-Pack
Interface typeTopconnect
Chip materialBorosilicate glass
Chip thickness1975µm
Number of inlets2
Number of outlets1
Icon Label Description Type Size Download
pdf FC_SW11_PACK - SW11 - Swirl Micromixer - Dawing pdf 71.5 KB Download
pdf TD26 - Tear drop folding flow mixer pdf 95 KB Download
pdf Choosing the right mixer chip pdf 51 KB Download
pdf Reynolds and Péclet Number Effects in Folding Flow Mixers pdf 879.5 KB Download
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