Droplet generation setup - sideconnect (no pumps included)

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1 x Sideconnect chip holder 15mm x 15mm   + €536.00
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1 x Sideconnect ETFE connection kit   + €228.00
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1 x Flow splitter - 1/16" - T-shape - 3 connections   + €67.00
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This setup consist of:

  • a Sideconnect chip holder (for 15x15 chips)
  • a set of optional tools and chips

Combination of a Sideconnect chip holder (for 15x15 chips) and a set of optional tools and chips.


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Unit of measurementBundle
ApplicationDroplet generation
Icon Label Description Type Size Download
pdf Flow rate instructions pdf 303.6 KB Download
pdf How to prevent clogging pdf 153 KB Download
pdf Using the right surfactants pdf 168.8 KB Download
pdf Droplet Generator Guide pdf 617 KB Download
PDF DGFF.SC.10 - Drawing Drawing for 10µm sideconnect droplet generator. Items 01642 and 01365 PDF 297.8 KB Download
PDF DGFF.SC.75 - Drawing Drawing for 75µm sideconnect droplet generator. Items 01641and 01368. PDF 184.2 KB Download
PDF DGFF.SC.05 - Drawing Drawing for 5µm sideconnect droplet generator. Items 01653 and 01364. PDF 205.6 KB Download
PDF DGFF.SC.50 - Drawing Drawing for 50µm sideconnect droplet generator. Items 01640 and 01367. PDF 198.5 KB Download
pdf Sideconnect Manual Manual for assembly of the Sideconnect holder with a chip and connection kit. pdf 5.4 MB Download
Customer Questions
I need a pumping system for my setup. Which one do you recommend?
We recommend using a high precision pumping system. Regular syringe pumps often don't work very well for droplet generators. There are several high precision pumping systems on the market that work with different pumping principles. To name one, we'...
Which flowrates should I use?
This depends on many things. For example on the type of fluid that you are using. Check our ...
Which surfactants should I use?
Use our surfactant guide for advice on surfactants.
How do I prevent clogging of my chips?
Have a look at our clogging prevention guide.
Should I use coated or uncoated droplet generators?
Have a look at our article about surface wetting properties.
I have a Elveflow OB1 pressure based pump what connectors do I need?
Nuts and ferrules Elveflow uses 1/4-28 screw in connections on there reservoirs and sensors. To interface you will need Flangeless nuts 1/4-28 for 1/16" tubing, including compatible ferrules. Those nuts and ferrules are included in Elveflows "Kit Fittings...
I have a Fluigent pressure based pump, what connectors do I need?
Lineup We recommend the dafault Fluigent kits (FLOW EZ™ SUPPLY KIT, FLUIWELL KIT or P-CAP KIT)The P-cab or FLUIWELL KIT already contains 0.5m 1/16" OD FEP tubing with a ID of 500µm, when you use only limited pressures, you can try this tubing first...
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