I have a Elveflow OB1 pressure based pump what connectors do I need?

Nuts and ferrule
Elveflow uses 1/4-28 screw in connections on there reservoirs and sensors. To interface you will need Flangeless nuts 1/4-28 for 1/16" tubing, including compatible ferrules. Those nuts and ferrules are included in Elveflows "Kit Fittings Starter Pack Push-in".
This item wil look like this:

In addition you will need our connection kit. Our Connection kit includes nuts or ferrules specificilly designed for our Fluidic Connect Pro, Fluidic Connect 4515 or side connect holders.

Tubing included in "Kit Fittings Starter Pack Push-in"
The 1/16"OD PTFE tubing included in the kit has a very large ID (1/32" ~0.79mm) and is from a relatively soft material, this is not so suitable for bot our Fluidic Connect Pro and Fluidic Connect 4515 holders as there's very limited wall thickness. We recommend alternative tubing, like ETFE with a maximum of 0.5mm ID. This tubing is included in our connection kits.

Use of 1/32" OD tubing
1/32" OD tubing can be in combination with our Fluidic Connect Pro holder also be used, but need alternative ferrules.
The ElveFlow "Kit Fittings Starter Pack Push-in" doesn't include sleeves for use of 1/32" OD tubing. They are included in our Syringe to tube connection kit
Our Sideconnect our Fluidic Connect 4515 holders doens't support 1/32" tubing.

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