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Sideconnect starter kit 15 mm x 15 mm

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The sideconnect starter kit 15 mm x 15 mm enables a fast, easy and robust connection of 15 mm x 15 mm chips.

1 x Sideconnect interface set 15 mm x 15 mm   +€536.00

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The sideconnect starter kit 15 mm x 15 mm enables a fast, easy and robust connection of 15 mm x 15 mm chips. The position of the tube-chip connection on the edge of the chip allows a smooth flow with less bubbles and requires less reagents. The design of the body grants a large viewing area and is compatible with upright and inverted microscopes. The mounting frame and assembly tool keeps the body and connectors in place during assembly of the chip and the interface with the tubing. Accessories can be stored in the build-in storage box of the assembly tool.

Why using sideconnect?

  • Planar interfacing of tubing with chips offers a smooth flow without shear stress
  • Small dead volumes at inlets and outlets minimise reagent amounts required
  • Dimensions are compatible with upcoming international microfluidics design standards which make exchange of other industrial microfluidic devices possible
  • Autoclavable and easy mounting which makes it suitable for applications that require a sterile flow system, i.e. cell culture
Product CodeSideconnect starter kit 15 mm x 15 mm
Max. operating pressure10 bar (145 psi)
Dimensions assembly tool85 mm x 54 mm x 24 mm
Material assembly toolAluminium
Dimensions mounting frame128 mm x 86 mm x 4 mm
Material mounting frameAluminium
Body and connectorsBody and connectors for 15 mm x 15 mm chips
Material body and connectorsPEEK (Polyetheretherketone)
Dimensions connectors25 mm x 7 mm x 4 mm
Number of Inlets4 inlets
Number of outlets4 outlets
Compatible to tubing with diameterCompatible with 1/16 inch tubing
Clamps2 aluminium clamps
Srew driver1 Screw driver with a 35 mm blade
Screws 5 screws with M2 thread, lenght 8 mm
Inner Diameter (ID)200 µm

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